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Welcome to the Archeostore Catalogue where you will find the tools for your field work online. The idea for an ecommerce dedicated to archaeology came after the realization that no such store existed in Canada. Experience in archaeology and using tools served as a basis for the creation of a good and practical place to buy tools and equipment. Our ecommerce offers over 90 products online.

The custom designed Archeo-Kits include tools, stationary, gloves and knee pads in a tool bag. There are three models the Archeo-Mini kit, the Student kit and Professional kit with Samona or Kuny’s Bags.

We also offer newsletters, discount coupons, gift certificates to customers who register online. We also have sales from time to time.

Modes of payments: we accept certified cheques, money order and credit cards such as Visa, Master Card and American Express. You can purchase online also through our website. Our business has a merchant account with Chase Paymentech.